About Controls & Schematics

About Controls & Schematics

Ever since our foundation was laid nearly two decades ago,our name has become synonymous with engineering. In the new age of state-of-the-art engineering technology, unlike the other players of the industry, we have never dithered away from embracing the incredible opportunities brought by it. We have always delivered excellently based on the requirements of the clients ever since we have started operation in 1997. We have always leaped forward of all our competitors when it comes to comprehensive designs and installation of CCTV and electronic security systems, automatic gate systems, boom barriers and motorized rolling shutters and access control systems. We have never disappointed our clients with run-of-the-mill service guarantees and subpar service deliverance.Controls and Schematic have always provided best services without a slight compromise on quality or precision.


During the eventful times of our existence for nearly three decades, we have associated with several of the top architects, engineering firms and contracting organizations while delivering unrivaled service for clients from a plethora of industry verticals to provide excellent electronic security system Trivandrum, automatic gate systems. We have brought in intelligent and internationally acclaimed automation technology and systems to the industry which made us stand apart from the other players in the market. Our futuristic look has changed the face of home security system Trivandrum. We have always been extra cautious in delivering high quality services at affordable prices.


Based at the culturally prominent capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, Control and Schematics have grown to be the most preferred boom barrier manufacturers Trivandrum. Serving customers across South India, Control and Schematics also have operating stations in Kochi and Calicut.


Our association with the leading and high profile contracting and engineering organizations across the country has carved our way to the best in the industr


Our ascend, ever since we started in 1997, to become the most sought after provider of home security system Trivandrum was never a surprise. As we knew that the key to our success was our endeavors to carefully unify professionals approach, innovation and advancement of technology to provide unique and impeccable service to our clients. We take in extreme proud in saying that Controls and Schematics is the first of its kind service provider in the industry to embrace technological advancement in Kerala and arguably in South India for serving the clients better.


Our experience that overarches almost three decades has helped us deliver services that our competitors can only envy when it comes to designing and installation of CCTV camera Trivandrum,systems for home automations, electronic security systems, short circuit cameras, RFID based parkingsystem, garage doors, boom barriers, motorized rolling shutters and various automated systems for commercial and domestic doors and gates. What makes us the best is that we always go out of our ways to support the client while taking exceptional advantage of the new pastures brought about by the advancement of technology. We never wait for things to happen in the industry but we make things happen for our clients as our visionary outlook sets up apart from the rest of the players of the industry.

As a client-centric service provider we have always delivered what is best for the clients and their requirements. Being the company that steers the market of automated security systems and systems for entrance automation, we have delved deeper into the concept of unmatched quality in all sections of our service deliverance. One of the key reasons of our success in becoming the best provider of electronic security system Trivandrum, automatic gate systems etc is our long term associations with systems manufactures that have global standards for their products and various ISO and other global certification credentials to their operations. As an intelligent service provider of CCTV system for home Trivandrum that transcends itself by blending right technology and equipment for a superior level of client satisfaction, it would not be an understatement to say that we are obsesses with quality and technology. With each delivered service we have expanded our forte of delivering outmatched security, commercial and home automation systems with proven technology and products.

Experienced and professionally trained designers, technicians and engineers make us proud each time we deliver an outstanding piece of work through sheer commitment and that has made us the best security system suppliers and automatic gate systems suppliers in Trivandrum. We respect your choice to associate with us and to spend your well-earned money with us and we assure that you get the best value for your investment. Exceeding clients’ expectations is a habit for us and our expert technicians and engineers make sure that you are provided with everything you needed from us the way you wanted, just better.

Welcome to the age of technology in domestic, commercial automation and security systems with Controls and Schematics..

In our quest to provide the best automated security systems for home and office, we have developed a strong brand that is, Controls and Schematics which resonates with smart automation. We install complete security systems such as building management system at budget prices and on turnkey basis. A few of our services are building access control systems, automatic sliding doors, CCTV systems, automated gates, boom barriers, retractable bollards, security alarms, rolling shutters, sensor doors, tire killers etc. At every step of our design and installation process, we take care to incorporate our customer’s ideas and suggestions. We have an in-house design team with world class fabrication and installation facilities. “Be safe and make safe”- is our motto with it comes to security at home and office. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for home so that we can have a peaceful life and our kids can play and grow safely. We provide the imported home automation systems and electronic security systems that safeguard your home and office. Intruders and anti-social elements are kept at bay with the complete security systems provided by Controls and Schematics. Thus, we provide complete safety to your wealth and property in an integrated and wholesome way.
Controls and Schematics, since inception in 1997, has been providing top class security systems for work and home. The need for security has been felt ever so increasingly due to the imbalance in politico-social scenario that reverberates across India and also Kerala. For us, individual safety and well-being is of paramount importance. Hence, we believe, to improve the quality of life of our citizens, we need tamper-proof surveillance and security systems. We have therefore come up with a range of automated security devices like CCTV systems, electronic gates, boom barriers, retractable bollards, security alarms, rolling shutters, sensor doors, building access control systems etc. Controls and Schematics uses mostly imported electronic security devices for every project to ensure the quality and longevity of our installations. Prompt delivery and service is our strength and service to our nation. We specialize in every aspect of Building Management System (BMS), be it for individual homes, villas, office premises or for gated communities like flats and apartments. Our vision is to provide the best automated surveillance system with automatic remote controlled gates, doors and shutters with the flick of a remote button. Automated gates with high aesthetic sense made at Controls and Schematics have adorned many high-profile residential villas across Trivandrum. Our headquarters is in Thiruvananthapuram and we currently pitch our installations in places like Neyyattinkara, Kaliyakkavilai, Nagercoil, Marthandam etc. We are humbled to have many happy customers with whom enjoy working and they have helped us grow stronger in the past 17 years. We plan to grow and widen our network in the future to other districts like Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam.