Articulated arm type

Articulated arm swing gate openers are gate automation systems that are widely used for home and apartments. These electronic gate openers are manufactured in Italy and are imported to India by Controls and Schematics. This gate automation unit comes with a remote control to operate while inside the vehicle. It also has a personalized key for accessing the gate from outside. These are used as gate automation systems for gates of width up to 3 meters and up to 300 Kg weight. That is, these operators are ideal for medium to lightweight gates. The operator units are mounted on the gate posts or pillars on which the gate is attached. Medium or large sized pillars, this gate opener can be fixed securely on it without cutting or altering the pillar. An arm extending from the operator controls the movement of the gate. It can be fixed in such a way that the arm of this automatic gate openers can be hidden from outside of the gate.


This type of automated gates can be opened manually from inside and outside using a personalized key. The control unit, electronic limit switches, back up battery module and the mechanical stops are integrated into this unit. An electromagnetic lock is fitted on the master gate as it is not designed to withstand heavy loads. This type of remote controlled gate opener can be connected to access control systems, video or voice intercoms, RFID readers, photo beam security systems, and timers.
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