Hydraulic swing gate

Hydraulic swing gate openers for gate automation systems

Hydraulic swing gate automation system is another great option for swing gates. A gate automation system is required to protect your home from any unwanted intruders. Controls and Schematics is the best suppliers for Hydraulic swing gate automation systems in Trivandrum. We make beautiful gates with contemporary designs and use imported gate automation systems to augment automatic operation without human intervention. These imported gate openers are designed to operate intensively for the security gates at apartment blocks, shopping malls, parking yards, airports etc.
Hydraulic swing gate openers are great options compared to electromechanical gate openers because they have fewer moving components and can leverage more power thanks to the hydraulic technology. Hydraulic gate operators are powered using hydraulic fluid that is pressurized inside a hydraulic cylinder consisting of a barrel and a piston that moves back and forth. This movement transfers the power to the movement of the opening and closing of the gate. Unlike electromechanical openers, the hydraulic openers don’t have gears that are subjected to wear and tear upon continual use. On the other hand, being inside a perpetual oil bath ensures the motor to perform higher number of open and close operations. The body parts of the hydraulic gate automation system are made with aircraft aluminum and are anti-corrosive. The hydraulic piston and cylinder are coated and protected with chromium plating.
The hydraulic gate operator has an inbuilt motor inside the unit. The power of this motor is sufficient to operate medium to large-sized swing gates upto 8 meter. The efficient lubrication ensures long life of all the physical moving parts of the motor. The power of operator comes with great level of control and safety against crushing and jamming as per the international standards. This makes hydraulic gate operators very reliable and sturdy having silent and smooth movements. While opening and closing, great level of precision and control in traction and thrust force is another feature of the hydraulic swing gates due to the bypass safety valves system. Where there is wind resistance, an extra facility of electromagnetic lock is required to lock the gate leaves while open.

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  1. Silent opening and closing of the gate leaves
  2. Smooth movement without any jerks
  3. Suitable for sloping or uneven roads
  4. Clear gate lines, with no humps
  5. Maximum safety thanks to bypass safety valve system
  6. Heavy duty application on large gates
  7. Powerful due to hydraulic technology
  8. Can be used in places with high wind resistance