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Today, when we think of the safety and security of homes and offices the technology that comes to our minds is closed-circuit television or CCTV. Though the closed-circuit system has grown over the years and moved into the cloud, the modern-day video surveillance systems are still being referred to by the old name CCTV. When you buy a new CCTV system, it is important that you have a clear understanding of how it ensures your security. The price of a home CCTV system is not very important. What is more important is the value you get for the price that you pay for the security system.


Normally, a CCTV camera captures the video of a specified area that falls within its scanning range and sends it to a recorder. It is clear to everyone that this does not prevent a crime from happening. The camera just captures and records an incident or a crime that happens within its viewing range. If you want to prevent a crime or criminal act with the help of a CCTV system, then it is important to have the arrangement to view the signals received from the camera in real-time.


Motion detection technology is very helpful in situations where live monitoring is not possible. CCTV cameras with motion detection feature send a pre-determined alert when they detect any kind of movement within their surveillance area. If you connect a siren to your CCTV system, it will either generate a special kind of sound or send a warning email to the saved email address.


Different CCTVs detect movements in their field of vision with the help of different technologies. Passive Infrared (PIR) and computer vision are two technologies that are commonly used for the purpose of motion detection. PIR detects movement based on the infrared radiation transmitted by various objects. On the other hand, computer vision senses movement by using complex processes. It compares the images generated at two different times using software. Computer vision continuously checks for any change in the position of the objects in its field of vision. This is how this technology detects movement.


Both technologies have pros and cons. As the PIR sensors work by detecting the infrared rays emanating from our bodies, they have better motion detection capability. However, they don’t sense the movement of curtains in the wind. Though they can see an object kept behind a glass window or door, the sensors don’t pick up the infrared rays coming from it. PIR sensors are ineffective in detecting movement in such situations.


Computer vision is helpful in overcoming the limitations of the PIR technology. However, high-quality hardware and software are required as the process involved is very complex. Otherwise, it will raise false alarms. The computer vision gives out an alert if a light is put on or put off suddenly. It may also sense the movement of the fan’s shadow and send an alert.


These types of false alarms are a drawback of security cameras and related systems. A few false alarms are sufficient for most consumers to say no to motion detection systems. However, the developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have opened up unlimited possibilities and the security industry has also started taking advantage of the same.


Today, the security industry has moved from motion detection to human detection and face detection. The latest trend in the security industry is to employ AI for human detection and face detection. AI helps to differentiate not only humans from other objects but also one person’s face from that of another. Human detection technology allows security cameras and related systems to eliminate false alarms and send accurate notifications and alerts. Similarly, the face detection technology enables the system to identify each person and alert when unidentified persons are detected.


The systems that employ these technologies are capable of detecting suspicious or unusual activities and sounds and sending alerts. Today, different types of cameras are available in the market. They include those that can sense a baby’s cries, monitor aged people or pets, etc.


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