Retractable Bollards

Retractable security bollards are widely used to protect high security areas like embassies, star hotels, parliament house, nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, security press, reserve bank etc. They also act as visual as well as psychological inhibitor thus protecting and securing the premises. Based on the safety requirements and risks we can select a bollard that creates impenetrable defense. Highly profile buildings such as Governmental buildings, banks, stock exchanges etc may have an increased risk of terror attacks. These are high risk areas due to the presence of a large number of people. A perimeter protection bollard design can be deployed here to avoid terror attacks like vehicle ramming attacks and vehicle exploding attacks.

Benefits of bollard installations:

  1. Infrastructure protection,
  2. Gate security,
  3. Access control,
  4. Traffic separation for parking control
  5. Aesthetically clean design compared to compound walls (for historical buildings)
  6. Provides visibility even when acting as visual barriers
  7. Impact protection
  8. Access for pedestrians while restricting vehicle traffic – best option for theatres, museums, parks etc.

Retractable security bollards are imported automated systems made in Italy and other EU countries. High security bollards are priced differently based on the vehicle speed that it can hinder. The models are K1 for 80 KM/H, K8 for 64KM/H, and K4 for 48KM/H. The bollards can deter vehicles weighing 1100 Kg up to heavy goods vehicle up to 29500 Kg.
Perimeter protection bollards and retractable security bollards can be used in aesthetically designed villas. Controls and Schematics is one of the pioneering company dealing with retractable bollards in Trivandrum & Cochin. We provide detailed report after studying the security requirement of the site. Later, on a turnkey basis we design, install and maintain the bollard project implementation. We take into consideration the potential risk, surround aesthetics and vulnerability areas of your site before suggesting a bollard solution for your problem.
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