Solar powered gate openers

Solar powered swing gate openers consume very little power as they operate utilizing the solar energy. They are truly a blessing in remote areas where there is low power. It can be used in urban residential areas as well as in farms and estates in the rural areas. Especially beneficial are for those areas where it is sun-rich throughout the day. This type of gate openers may not be ideal if there is partial or no sunlight. The only care that is needed is the cleaning of the surface of solar cells.
The Solar Panel comes bundled with the kit of the gate opener that is mostly very simple to install if the manual is followed well. In case if you require assistance, then our team at Controls and Schematics can do the installation on a turn-key basis. We offer the best price of solar powered gate openers in Trivandrum.
This type of solar powered remote controlled gate openers can easily provide 200 cycles of operation (open & close) a day without any battery downtime. In case of power outage, the opener functions on solar power alone for weeks together and provides 40 cycles per day. Solar gate openers are very practical and excellent gate automation system for places like Trivandrum as we have ample sunlight mostly throughout the year. Choose Controls and Schematics as your best supplier of Solar powered gate openers for your home and office.

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