Swing Gate

Have you seen gates swing open all by itself in movies? It is no magic but a marvelous engineering product called swing gate automation system. Automatic swing gates are an absolute must for large luxury villas and bungalows. Particularly suitable for traditional styled houses would be the underground swing gate openers. Hidden from sight are their electromechanical parts installed underground and kept safely in a chromium plated container. This container has drainage holes just enough to drain off rainwater. Thus, the gate frontage as well as its vicinity is clear from clutter and is aesthetically pleasing. In case of power outage, there is an option to open and close the gate manually. This facility comes with an unlock lever and a pull lever with a unique user key and can be operated from inside and outside the gate. The underground type automatic swing gate operator has an optional feature to open the gate up to 170 degrees wide. The feature of variable speed with slowing down just before close, ensures that the gate is closed in a silent fashion without making much noise. Underground type gate operators are available with a cable length of 2 meters and 15 meters, the installer can select the length of the cable as per the site requirements.
The underground operator is permanently lubricated so that there is practically no need for periodic service and maintenance. It is noteworthy that each and every component of the underground electric gate operator is made with heavy-duty, industrial grade material that will last a lifetime. The anti-corrosive materials used in the making of these are bronze, steel, aluminum and gunmetal. Additional optional accessories that are compatible with this system are Magnetic Loop Sensor, Photo Beam Sensor, RFID Reader, Access Control System, Warning Light and Key Selector. These can be customized and built in upon request.

Control and Schematics is the leading supplier of gate automation systems in Trivandrum and we use only imported heavy duty gate operators made in Italy or other European Union countries. The gates designed by Controls and Schematics are very beautiful and are fitted with imported underground gate automation kits. These are installed at your home with utmost care after precise study of your requirement and budgetary considerations. Our team of highly skilled workmen has years of experience in installing underground swing gate automation systems in Trivandrum. We at Controls and Schematics, always assure you the best imported gate automation units at a competitive price. Have a look at our other pages for similar exciting and cutting-edge gate automation facilities.