Tire killer

As the name suggests Tyre killers puncture tires of vehicles that hamper the privacy of high security areas. These are automatic tyre killers that block forcible and intrusive vehicles and prevent them from entering causing a security breach. Thus, tire killers impose unsurpassable obstruction against unwanted traffic. If any vehicle breaks in through the tire killer, the tire and axle, both are destroyed and hence prevent the unauthorized entry.

Tire killers are automatic systems with spike barriers that rises above the ground level. Upon pressing the block button, the spikes move up to create barrier or to recede inside the tire killer chamber, creating free passage. The tire killers are motorized, hydraulically operated gadgets to be installed individually or in combination with other security products to create absolute safe and impenetrable vehicle checkpoints. Irrespective of the direction of approach, the tire killer disables any type of tires, even the third generation run-flat tires.


Imported high quality tire killers offer a tight security against unsolicited intruders. The fail-proof puncture tool deflates the tire and flattens it immediately. The axle load bearing capacity of the tire killer is more than 20 ton loaded heavy vehicle. The operation time of the tire killer is between 3-4 seconds. The spikes are made with hardened carbon steel for an extra strong performance over a long period of time. Typically, the width of standard tire killers range between 2.5 to 5.5 meters. They stand the test of weather and water in our tropical climate and perform very well without any problem. In the event of power failure, there is an option to manually operate the tire killer. The installations are done by our experienced personnel trained from Italy. We do the supply, installation, service and maintenance as per your requirement and site conditions.

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