CCTV Systems

4 CCTV Systems

INR 15,000 – 22,000

8 CCTV Systems
16 CCTV Systems
32 CCTV Systems


CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has revolutionized the security system like no other systems were able to. It would not be an understatement to say that CCTV systems have become the most preferred security system technology by clients across the world irrespective of their line of operation and industrial verticals. Being the central point of any effective security and facility management system, CCTV system is able to capture and record all the activities in the vicinity where the system is able to cover. An intelligent and effective security system is a product of the quality of the camera installed. Controls and Schematic being one of the most recognized CCTV camera dealers in Trivandrum, we strive extremely hard to strike a healthy balance between mobile and stationary cameras to provide state-of-the-art security camera systems.

As an established company of CCTV Camera dealers in Trivandrum, our forte is full with every type of security camera systems that a client needs befitting several of their needs. We couple our expertise and experience to provide unique solutions for CCTV systems. There are several types of CCTVs like the stationary cameras which are most suitable for parking lots, entry points such as gates and points that need constant surveillance and economic CCTV package for home in Trivandrum. If the requirement of the client is to monitor a more dynamic and larger perimeter, movable CCTV system is the best. The footages that are captured on the system can be stored, processed and retrieved in a digital storage device. Clients would also different applications to access video feeds from different locations that can be watched with a media playing device.

We have been operating in the industry for a considerable amount of time which helped us understand the changing preferences and choices of customers irrespective of their affordability. And if you need the best solutions, it is best to get the same from the best which is us—Controls and Schematics