Slide Gate

Slide gate automation systems are great options for residential as well as industrial use. These are useful in places where there is limited space for swing open gates. In places like cities and industrial areas, automatic slide gates are used as an excellent alternative to swing open gates. At Controls and Schematics, we bring you the best gate automation dealer in Trivandrum. Our expert team has completed and handed over more than 3000 gate automation projects on turnkey basis to many luxury villas that give prominence to aesthetic designs. We manufacture gates at our works and use imported gate automation systems and provide automatic access using a remote control. We manufacture the gates in accordance with our client’s specific aesthetic requirement. Later, we fit these gates with imported gate opener units manufactured in Italy and other EU countries. This is how Controls and Schematics ensure the availability of the best remote controlled gate systems for your home.
Features of Slide Gate Openers
The motorized sliding gate opener has a 230 Volts AC motor and reduction gearbox that acts at the core of it. The gates can be of a varying size and weight from 500kg up to 1000 kg. 400V Ac three phase motor units are typically used in automatic gate systems that are designed for heavy-duty industrial use with the control unit. The units with built-in control are equipped with many features. In addition to being fast and easy to install, these also allow controlled slow movement during both opening and closing. That is, with these control units you can fine tune the anti-crushing thresholds. They are adaptable to a large extent. Hence they meet the EN 12453 standards. The gears and clutches of this operator are immersed in an oil bath. Therefore, there is minimal wear and tear and noise while operating. Also, the electronic and mechanical parts are enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure. There is a personalized key to unlock the operator for manual operation in the event of power failure.
At Controls and Schematic, we have ready-to-install electric sliding gate kits conforming standards as required by the best practices in EU. Therefore, the operator installation is not at all a difficult process. Every automatic gate openers are fully tested under many climatic conditions and made sure they are suitable for installation in our Indian climatic conditions also. The automatic opener for gates can be operated manually in case of power failure with the help of the manual key provided with the unit.
Add-ons for an extra layer of safety
Some extra safety and control devices that can be added on to this type of automatic gate systems are:

  1. RFID reader,

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