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Security System Dealers Trivandrum

Created to curb and restrict unauthorized access and incursion to a building or a particular area, security systems have sure become an important need for any property. According to the requirements of the client there are several types of security systems such as burglar alarms, intruder alarm systems and various other alarm systems. The security systems are primarily installed to provide safety and protection from burglary, trespassing and other unauthorized access to various industrial, domestic and commercial sites. We are one of the best Security System Dealers Trivandrum.

Security systems were primarily wired and it has come a long way since then taking advantage of a myriad of technological advancements. There are security systems that are programmed to prevent theft or burglary while many others offer protection from fire and other illegal access. These systems can be combined with CCTV systems to store the imagery and access the same later if any need prevails. We offer comprehensive service solutions when it comes to security alarm in Trivandrum and our systems range from auto-signaling systems to technologically advanced multi-area systems that is controlled through a central processing unit and can be accessed by the systems for central monitoring. We are one of the best Security System Dealers Trivandrum and Security System Suppliers Trivandrum Kerala

Security alarm Trivandrum Controls & Schematics

There are several components to an efficient security system. They are;

Control Panel: Completely in charge of the smooth running of the entire security systems as the control panel assumes the control of functioning of the entire systems connected to the panel. The panel is also designed to carry out periodic check s to ensure that all the components function as intended. Major components of the control panel are the battery charger, the power supply unit and the backup battery.



Keypad: The keypad is the device that controls the daily activities of the security system and this can be accessed at every entry or exit point by anyone who wishes to activate or deactivate the alarm system. The system is programmed in such a way that the system can be only accessed with personalized pin or password given to each person in order to keep the track of the people accessing the system.


Magnetic Sensor: Specifically designed to provide immediate protection and safety to doors, windows and other entry points, the magnetic sensor can be mounted on the door leaf and the door frame. With the help of a magnetic field and a magnetic reed switch an installed sensor triggers the alarm if there is any unauthorized access or entry. The system is designed to understand the closed magnetic contact as normal while any other contact is treated as an aberration which triggers the alarm to set off.


Movement Sensor: A sophisticated and technologically advanced security system, the movement sensor employs microwave or infra-red to detect any unauthorized entry in the environment which is under surveillance. There are highly advanced systems that make use of effective use of both microwave and infra-red technology to detect any intrusion. In a movement sensor that uses an infra-red technology, the alarm is programmed to set off when its fixed beam is cut by an object. Whereas, in the infra-red induced system, the microwave sends certain energy and expects it to come back and when an object blocks the microwave from bouncing back in time to its source, the alarm is triggered.

Boundary Sensor: One of the advanced systems protection against break-ins. The system has a range of about 40 foot on either side to trigger alarms in case any unauthorized entry taking place. The system has an effective 80’ x 3’ detection pattern which allows for extremely accurate detections for the distance it covers. Since the sensor is relatively low profile and popular outdoor boundary guard is the most suitable security system for almost all applications. With an excellent combination of two different sensors, the system has an incredible immunity towards false alarm triggered by its encounter with cars, small animals and any other external disturbances. A buzzer is provided with the system that can be alerted when intruders are detected. These types of sensors are used to alert perimeter incursion detection in many of the home security systems.

Glass break sensor security system dealers in trivandrumGlass Break Sensor: These types of devices have the ability to detect sounds and acoustical shocks produced when glasses are broken or windows are shattered. These sensors can detect intruders when they break glasses r any windows while entering any protective premises. With the help of these sensors integrated with home security system, damage or loss to any properties, home and building can be easily curbed and prevented.

smoke sensor security system dealers in trivandrum


Smoke Sensor: Designed to detect any product of combustion and alert the security systems in case of an emergency, smoke sensors can prevent fire and related mishaps effectively. Photoelectric and Ionization some detectors are the two of the chiefly used smoke sensors.



Panic button security system dealers in trivandrum

Gas Leak Sensor: This type of sensor can detect any type of combustible or poisonous gas if there is any leakage and alert the security system.

Panic Button: In any situation if someone needs critical help or attention, panic buttons can be used to alert the security system which can bring in any help needed by the individual.

Sirens and Strobe Lights security system dealers in trivandrumSirens and Strobe Lights: Sirens are used to attract the attention of people who are otherwise not aware of any emergency situation. Two types of emergency siren systems are usually used in any home security system. The first one is the internal system is triggered to produce a piercing sound forcing the trespassers to flee. The second system is the external system that uses the siren to attract the attention from people outside the building. If the alarm is set off during the night the strobe lights can draw people and their attention to the site.

Auto Dialer: The dialer has the ability to send pre-recorded voice messages to emergency and pre-
assigned numbers in case of any emergency when the alarm is triggered.

Central Monitoring System: Completely integrated to the entire components of the home security system, the central monitoring system can keep watch of your entire home, even when you are away. With technologically advanced systems and devices, it can alert emergency numbers and set off alarms in case of any sort of intrusion or trespassing. The system is just like an effective guard who takes care of the house round the clock, 365 days a year.