How to plan for a CCTV camera for home?

CCTV Camera Trivandrum

The best time to plan a CCTV system for home is undoubtedly during the planning of electrification of your new house. When you build a new house, alert your architect regarding the need for CCTV camera for home. Let the position and place for the storage device of CCTV be specified in the master plan of the house. During the electrification phase of the home, you can do the cabling for CCTV system for home. This will make sure that the CCTV cables are perfectly concealed, tamper proof and tucked away from the vision. CCTV cables should not be laid along with other electrical cables as it will cause mutual induction and loss of signal or poor quality video signal etc. A minimum distance of 1.5 feet should be maintained from power cable to avoid mutual induction and loss of quality of signals.

When wiring a home CCTV system, it is better to have two modules of switch boxes. This helps in concealing the connectors and wires safely and securely. This sort of a box should have a dummy cover so that the connection junctures can be covered yet made accessible only for any repair.


7 things to keep in mind while planning for a CCTV camera

  1.  Get the entry points and car porch Install CCTV cameras in such a way that we get a clear vision of all the entry doors and car porch. Have a camera each at these key security points.  Also, it is advisable to get a camera for the balcony and terrace area if there are accessible entry points here. That is, if there are steps leading to the doorway of these places then definitely install a CCTV camera here as well.
  2. Below sunshade area for on-road vigilAlways install CCTV cameras below the sunshade and not above it to watch the vicinity and road. In case if you need to beef up the security level as your home stands next to a busy street, or it is near to a highway or if there are cases of robbery, then it is better to have a camera to watch this area. While installing on-road viewing camera, never install it above the sunshade. Always fix it below the sunshade. This will make sure that the sunshade doesn’t obstruct the vision directly below the sunshade. It is also good for giving an undercover position for the camera.
  1. Hide cables above the sunshade – For the CCTV camera installation below the sunshade, keep in mind that the wiring should be given from above the sunshade to avoid the clutter and vision of the cables.
  2.  Keep the video Recorder/Hard disk unit lockedAlways keep the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) of the home CCTV system securely locked and concealed. An ideal place for this could be inside the master bedroom. This reduces the chance of the DVR or the hard disk being stolen in case of a theft scenario. Mask this area using fabricated box type structures which could then be locked.
  3.  Use products with ISI marks – Always use rigid PVC conduit pipes and casing and capping products of highest quality, preferably ones with ISI mark, when wiring a home CCTV system. The use of standard products will reduce the cables being destroyed by intruders. White or ivory shaded pipes are available in the market to match your interior paint color.
  4.  Enough power points at the DVR unit – A minimum of 4 numbers of 5 Amps socket should be made available for the DVR unit. This is required for connecting CCTV camera, DVR, Modem and monitor units.
  5.  UPS / Inverter for alternate power supply – If you have a UPS or Inverter power supply to support the CCTV, then in case of power failures you are adequately backed up for the CCTV camera.

Typically a 1500-2000 sq.ft, square shaped house would require at least 4 cameras to cover all four sides of the house. In special cases if required, we can add up to 8 cameras so that, if one camera is tampered, then an adjacent camera can record the event. Safety at home is of utmost importance for homes with senior citizens and women with kids staying alone. Do look at our security products like electronic gates, rolling shutters, access security systems and burglar alarms in our products section of this website to keep your home and vicinity safe and secure.

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